Presumably, before his infection with the zombie virus, Bucky's life mirrored that of his counterpart on Earth-616. After he and the other Invaders were transformed into zombies, however, they became a powerful shock troop for the Nazis. The Invaders confronted the Ducky Dozen shortly after that group arrived on Earth-12591 as part of a plan to stop the Nazi zombies from trying to infect the Multiverse. Bucky fought against Battlestar during the ensuing battle, but managed to escape while the rest of his teammates were killed and warned this reality's Dum Dum Dugan of the interlopers. Later, Bucky tried to stop Miss America from launching a nuclear missile that would wipe out the Nazi zombie threat. Miss America, however, smashed his face into the missile's controls, preventing him from remotely disengaging the bomb. He then managed to jump onto the missile before it launched, hoping to manually send it off-target. Unbeknownst to him, Miss America followed him and ripped off the arm that he was using to hold on, sending him plummeting to his death.[1]


Seemingly those of James Buchanan Barnes of Earth-616.

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