Jamie Braddock is the number one racer in The Global Grand Prix that dominates Earth-9019. He has access to his counterpart’s reality warping powers, and used them to murder his brother Brian in a crash of his car the Orz-1. When Excalibur crashlanded, he kidnapped Meggan, and repelled Captain Britain’s attacks as he raced to the Pitte Stoppe hotel. He tries to take control of Rachel Summers and the Phoenix Force while she is weakened but fails as the Dirty Angels interrupt. After Captain Britain and Kitty catch up with him, he sets Meggan on them, and kidnaps Widget and Lockheed while they are tending to Meggan’s injuries. [1]

Later, in town, he is set upon by Captain Britain again, but defeats him by playing with his cosmic strings. He then sets Lockheed on Kitty, forcing her to dive through a portal back to Earth-616 that Widget opened, as he dropped Widget in the fight. [2]

Later, when Meggan attacks him, with Rachel controlling her and making her transform into various X-men, he makes Captain Britain into a car to attack her. He uses many of his reality warping powers to stop Meggan’s attacks, until he is set upon by the Dirty Angels and Excalibur flying their train in to attack him. They land it on top of him, and as on Earth-616, Kitty sends that Jamie Braddock to bed, this Jamie Braddock disappears along with the town and the Dirty Angels. [2]


Seemingly those of James Braddock Jr. (Earth-616)#Powers.


Seemingly those of James Braddock Jr. (Earth-616)#Abilities.

Strength level

Seemingly that of James Braddock Jr. (Earth-616)#Strength.

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