The past of James-Michael Starling on Earth-9997 closely mirror that of his Earth-616 counterpart. The means of how he returned to life, and how he learned to control his Omega-Powers (if they indeed were restored as well) remains unrevealed.

In his adult years, he crossed paths and subsequently became the slave of the Skull early on in the youths conquest of America. When given the opportunity to talk freely, he would discuss his experiences with the alien known as Omega and his first brush with death[1]. He was among their number when they attacked the circus that Daredevil and the future X-Men performed[2].

His ultimate fate in the final battle between Captain America's army and the Skull's slaves remains unrevealed. His subsequent whereabouts provided he survived the conflict remain unrevealed.


Seemingly those of James-Michael Starling of Earth-616.

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