Maul was one of the first members of the Order, the government's first super team for their new 50-State Initiative, made up completely of engineered super-heroes. His first known mission saw him and the rest of the early Order team involved in a massive battle in New York City.

At an unknown point, he was part of the team when they faced the "Infernal Man." After the team's success, he went out for a night of drinking with some of his teammates. This act led to his being kicked off the team for breaking the morals clause in his contract. Depowered, he was eventually recruited by General Softly into a group that sought to undermine the Order as part of a larger plot to undermine Tony Stark.


Matter Manipulation: "Adept at reducing problems down to their component parts." Presumably he can break down matter into its component parts, but it's unclear how, exactly, his powers work.


Giant mallet

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