Born the son of the late Wakandan king T'Chaka, and half-brother to the Black Panther, T'Challa, Jakarra joined the Wakanda military ultimately earning the rank of General. Embittered at his half-brother, Jakarra took measures to overthrow the king of Wakanda. He deliberately exposed himself to Vibranium, knowing that in some cases, Vibranium exposure yielded fantastic, mutagenic properties. The exposure altered his body chemistry, transforming him into a monstrous, swarthy creature. In this new form, Jakarra rampaged throughout Wakanda, until he was soundly defeated by the Black Panther.


Jakarra possesses superhuman strength, stamina and limited invulnerability. He can also generate waves of vibrational force as well as bursts of flame.


As a soldier, Jakarra was expertly trained in military protocols and discipline. He was also proficient in hand-to-hand combat, though he didn't rely upon it while in his mutated form.

Strength level

Superhuman: Jakarra's strength level is sufficient enough to enable him to smash through solid wooden walls and toss human beings about with ease. He was once described as having "the strength of a tank".

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