Jago was the ruler of the Dragon-Men one of two dominant races on the planet Ligra. Seeking to take over the planet form the ruling Lion-People, Jago would seek the means to do so. Learning of the Earth scientist Professor Philo Zog and his robot Electro, Jago would travel to Earth in a rocket. He and his minions would attack the secret hideout of criminal Boss Sapro who was then forcing Zog to use Electro to commit crimes. Easily defeating the gangsters, Jago would kidnap Zog and his invention, returning them to Ligra[1].

There, Jago would torture Zog into using Electro to boost his military power and send one of his minions to send a final warning to the Lion-People's ruler Queen Nara. When Nara would refuse to surrender, Jago would force Zog to send Electro to overthrow the Lion-People. During the course of the battle, Jago would kidnap Nara and take her back to his castle. There he would demand that she give him her royal jewels, however she would refuse. In response, Jago would leave her to be killed by his giant octopus monster.

When Professor Zog would free himself, he would unleash Electro against the Dragon-Men and free Queen Nara. As Jago and his underlings attempted to flee in a space ship, Electro would toss it into a nearby lake, sending Jago and his minions to a watery death[2].


Jago had access to the Dragon-Men's interstellar star-ships.


Jago could access the Dragon-Men's unique ray guns, rocket launchers, and had various torture devices as well as a giant octopus creature he would subject his victims to.

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