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Jacques Laval

Jacques Laval was a French actor who reached the high of his career in the 1940's. He fell in love with female actress Lilly Renaud; however this love was unrequited. When Lily relocated to America (likely due to the Nazi invasion of France), Jacques would follow after her in an attempt to win her heart. When she began dating American theater actor Raymond Thomas, Jacques would grow murderous with rage. Lily and Raymond were to star in a theater production of "Faust"; Jacques warned the theater owner, Morton Friend, to halt production. When Morton refused to do so, Jacques disguised himself in the Mephisto costume for the play and murdered Friend.

Authorities would insist that the show go on so that they might capture the killer, but this would only lead to the death of Raymond Thomas, who was shot before he could begin his opening number during the show. Unknown to Laval, attending the audience that nigh were Steve Rogers and James Barnes (secretly Captain America and Bucky), who would investigate the murder independently of the authorities.

Jacques then kidnapped Lily and brought her to one of the hidden rooms ins the theater and forced her to sing for him. This forced performance was then interrupted by Captain America and Bucky, who then send "Mephisto" running. Despite his efforts to try and kill Captain America and Bucky, Laval would be captured and he would confess to his crimes.


Jacques armed himself with a pistol.

An actor/villain using a similar alias ("Mephisto the Devil"), but with different motivations, once fought the Angel (Thomas Halloway). Another Mephisto (Ted Sparks), an alleged thought projection, fights the Human Torch and Toro. None of these should be confused with the true Mephisto [Official Index To The Marvel Universe:The Avengers,Thor & Captain America#3(8/10)].

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