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Little is detailed about Swordsman’s life before the zombie plague arrived on Earth-2149, however it can be presumed that it followed much the same path as Swordsman (Earth-616).

Somehow becoming infected, Swordsman is seen as part of the zombie horde that tries to prevent Magneto and his small band of survivors from escaping to the Baxter Building, and presumably gets temporarily blinded by Ultimate Invisible Woman.

After the survivors have escaped to another reality, Swordsman and the others confront the Master of Magnetism in the ruins of the Baxter Building. Magneto uses the debris to escape, several pieces piercing Swordsman's necrotised body, though this is likely to have had little effect.

He is later seen as one of the many casualties in the conflict waged against the Silver Surfer, ending up torn apart by the Power Cosmic.


The Swordsman was a superb athlete and an excellent unarmed combatant. He was a master of bladed weapons, most notably all forms of the sword. When it comes to pure swordsmanship, he may have been unequalled.

Strength level

The Swordsman possessed the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engaged in intensive regular exercise.


  • Makluan Sword: The Mandarin equipped the Swordsman's sword with special devices adapted from Makluan technology. By pressing one of the buttons on the sword's hilt, the Swordsman could project an energy beam with great concussive force, a disintegrating ray, a large jet of flame, electrical blasts or a stream of gas capable of rendering opponents unconscious
  • Throwing Knives: Aside from his sword, the Swordsman usually carried throwing knives.

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