Jacqueline "Jackie" Shorr is a deranged woman who claims to be Rick Jones's mother. She worked in one several orphanages where Rick lived in childhood but was fired because of problems caused by his mental instability, missing for a while, until Rick, claiming to be his mother and his parents. Albert and Elizabeth were adoptees. She reaches out to Rick's friend Betty Banner. Later she kidnaps Rick after meeting him where it is revealed she has kidnapped several other men over the years she claimed were her sons and kept them prisoner in her basement where they likely starved to death. She kills Rick's girlfriend Marlo Chandler when she and Betty come to rescue Rick but Marlo is later resurrected by the Leader. Jackie later kills Marlo's ghost friend Lorraine after Lorraine had been resurrected from the dead. Lorraine with Moondragon's help later threw Jackie out of a window several stories from the ground. Jackie was said to be injured but there was no confirmation she was dead.



Moondragon could not tell if Jackie was lying about being Rick Jones' mother by reading her mind. Jackie is deranged and truly believes Rick is her son.

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