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Axel Weele (Earth-616)


Jackson "Axel" Weele was an embezzling businessman taunted by the Rocket Racer who decided to get a weaponized Big Wheel made by the terrible Tinkerer.

He found being a supervillain was much harder than it looked, and while battling Spider-Man and the Rocket Racer, the Big Wheel fell into the Hudson River, apparently never to be seen again.

That is until many years later he turned up having survived the Hudson River and attempted to atone for his crimes.

More recently Axel was apprehended by Spider-Man and Iron Man, and charged for having black market connections and selling illegal super hero equipment.[3]


During a power game, Spider-Man mentioned "The Big Wheel" (in addition to a gang of mimes) when Reed Richards asked him about the craziest thing he ever encountered. Johnny Storm mentions his name is Axel, that he met him at "The Rusty Nail", and that Axel was working as a security guard.

At some time, he became opposed to Network (Valerie Martin), before reform.[2]

Strength level

Normal Human Strength


Big Wheel


Weele drove a Big Wheel that was equipped with a variety of weaponry.

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