The origin of this incarnation of Jack Power is presumably identical to that of his Earth-616 counterpart. However, not long after receiving his powers from the Kymellian Aelfyre Whitemane, Jack, along with his siblings, was branded a mutant by townsfolk, and the violence that followed cost the pack their parents' lives.

The children stayed together for a while but evenually grew apart as they got older. Of the four siblings, Jack was hit the hardest by the tragedy that had befallen his family. He became a drug addict and tried several times to quit, but always relapsed. When years later his older sister Julie contacted him again in order to bring the team back together to once more fight the Snarks, Jack was just out of rehab again.


Seemingly those of Jack Power (Earth-616)#Powers. However, his years as a drug addict caused him to lose control over his powers. He can no longer assume his solid shape and is thus trapped in cloud form.

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