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Jack Hasley

Jack Hasley was the twin brother of Tim Hasley. As a young adult Jack ran away from home and became a criminal, creating the costumed identity of the Black Phantom and organized a gang called the Order of the Black Phantom. Fashioning a boat that was rendered invisible in water by mirrors, the Black Phantom began robbing boats along the Mississippi River. His crimes attracted both the Sub-Mariner and reporter Betty Dean to the area.

When the Sub-Mariner first battled the Black Phantom, he briefly unmasked the crook and memorized his features before the Phantom and his gang knocked him out and fled. Later, when Betty invited Namor to attend a party being thrown by Tim Hasley (now the captain of his own ship) Namor confused Tim for his twin brother and decided to go and investigate. Namor's theory was blown out of the water when the Black Phantom kidnapped Tim and Namor, taking them to his hideout located at an abandoned steelworks at Bartlett's Landing. The Phantom then revealed his true identity and revealed his origins. He then left the chained Namor and Tim in a steel reinforced room with a time bomb. They were rescued at the last minute by Betty Dean who managed to track them down.

With the Black Phantom and his gang seeking to flee to the Gulf of Mexico, Namor led a police boat after them. Catching up to the ship, Namor used an anchor to smash the mirrors, rendering the ship visible. When the Black Phantom threatened to toss a stick of TNT at Namor and the police, Namor picked up their boat and threw it away. The TNT exploded, killing the Phantom and his crew.

In the aftermath of the battle, Namor and Betty promised to Tim not to reveal the Black Phantom's true identity to save his mother the strain.


The Black Phantom had his own boat which was covered in mirrors in such a way it was rendered invisible in water.


The Black Phantom and his gang had access to an assortment of automatic weapons.

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