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Quote1 What happened to Agent X-- Oh. Oh... You spelled out "Hi, Weasel" with his intestines." Quote2
-- Weasel src
Weasel Deadpool07p06

Weapons Dealer for "Deadpool"

At some point he became a weapons dealer and tech-guy for Deadpool. In Sarajevo Weasel was attacked by Sinsear. He interrogated him to find Deadpool. Weasel told him that Deadpool was out looking for Vanessa Carlysle. Sinsear then said that he was looking for "the other" actually and that Deadpool was a means to an end.[2]

Weapon X attacked Deadpool at Weasel's place, looking for information and this is what they are fighting each other to try to get. The only problem is that neither one has the information the other is needing. They tear up the place and then Weasel finally stopped them and brings this realization to them and Weapon X left.[3] In Cairo, Deadpool called Weasel from the airport and he told him the flight that Black Tom and Juggernaut were leaving on and then he told it was leaving right then for Dublin.[4]

The Executive Elite tried to take out Deadpool only to found out what he knew about Tolliver's will. Unfortunately, is was a trap so Weasel could get his hands on the disc that they had. Deadpool takes out Makeshift and Rive, while Weasel takes out Commcast and gets the disc. He combines it with theirs and learn that the prize is in Nepal.[5]

They found Tolliver's estate and get in, taking out the monks that live there, only they've been followed by Weapon X. Inside, Slayback is waiting for them with Copycat, they all begin to fight, but accidentally activate Tolliver's weapon in the process - an A.D.A.M. Unit. It neutralizes and completely disintegrates Slayback, and is about to do the same to Deadpool when he tells it that he is the only thing that can save Copycat's life. He has her absorb some of his healing abilities, and she begins to heal from being impaled by Slayback earlier. The A.D.A.M. Unit then leaves, as does Weapon X, saying that he's tired of hating Deadpool's guts. Deadpool feels like he's turned over a new leaf, and takes some gold items from the monastery as payment. [5]

The House

More recently, he was seen acting as an armored security force in Las Vegas going by the name "The House". After battling Deadpool (and temporarily defeating him), the Merc offered to work with Weasel as his sidekick using a secondary set of armor and the name Wildcard. During a battle with Grizzly, Wildcard then made House look useless, so the next time Deadpool proposed that Weasel switch identities and take the credit for Wildcard's heroics. During a second fight with Grizzly, Weasel made Wildcard look like the hero of the fight, while Deadpool (as the House) stood by doing nothing and subsequently escaping with Grizzly and the stolen money. Now that House had become a criminal, Weasel tried to defeat Deadpool in battle, but the Merc escaped despite seemingly being killed by Weasel (still as Wildcard). When Wildcard bosses tried to find a body inside the House armor there was nothing, so Weasel couldn't clear his name and remained a fugitive, while Deadpool resumed the identity of Wildcard (although he renounced it shortly thereafter).[6]


Strength level

The strength level of an average non-athletic male.[7]



Numerous; formerly repulsor beams from The House armor or Wildcard armor

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