Jack was an aspiring super villain partnered with Johnny Guitar, who fought against Dazzler in her 70's phase. The duo never found much success in the villain business.[1]

Eventually, Jack and Johnny were recruited into Norman Osborn's Shadow Initiative to help liberate the inter dimensional prison 42 from Blastaar. Unknown to Jack and John, the only purpose of this Initiative was to soften up the base for the stronger main teams, and they were all expected to die. He entered the prison with the rest of his team, and his life was saved by Johnny Guitar (breaking his hand before the 42's attack), who died during the assault. The Initiative did retake the prison, and Jack survived the assault, but left the team after witnessing Johnny's sacrifice.[2]




Good skills in saxophone playing (but his right hand is really damaged).

Strength level

The average strength of a man his height, weight, and build.


All the weaknesses of a normal human being. Is completely powerless without his Saxophone. Blind. Damaged right hand.


Glasses that allowed him to see forms.


A saxophone that can fire sonic blasts as it is played, or make his enemies crazy.

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