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Ismael Ortega came to America in 1980, seven years old at that time, when Castro kicked out the gays, intellectuals, writers, artists and mutants. His parents were poets,[1] and his father was also a fighter, having opposed to the American forces at the Bay of Pigs.[2]

Izzy and his partner Gus investigated a domestic incident in Mutant Town. They found a hysterical man who had tied up his wife. The man warned the officers not to untie her. They did and were influenced by the woman's mutant power. Izzy and Gus were enthralled. The man and his wife were killed; Gus and Izzy were found wounded by self-inflicted gunshots.

The incident was covered up and Gus was ordered to retire after a history of incidents with mutants. The X-Man Bishop was brought in to help with cases in Mutant Town and was partnered with Izzy.

They dealt with rival clubs, the Wildkat and Daniel's Inferno. While investigating a human woman's death due to 'toad juice', they came across Mister M, a powerful mutant who saved Izzy's daughter while looking for help.

They later dealt with the Tunnel Rats blacking out most of Mutant Town, influenced by Melek and the Worm.

They dealt with a young mutant in a hostage situation also being pursued by government agencies and a mutant-hating assassin.

Izzy has had marital problems and nearly lost his daughter due to an accident with his gun. He began seeing Lara the Illusionist, a dancer at Daniel "Shaky" Kaufman's club.

Reality's restoration from the House of M lead to Chamrya's death.


None, Ortega is a base line human.

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