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The Isle of Silence is a dimension just off of Asgard, where sound does not exist at all. It is named after the 'Silent Ones' that live there, the Trolls. On the Island is a Volcano that gives of gas that weakens an Asgardian before exploding.
As Loki was imprisoned here, this dreaded island prevented his body from getting out, but he managed to get out his soul. He finally succedeed in luring Thor there, planting tangle weeds in the swamp to trap Thor and casting a spell to make a volcano erupt. When Thor swum to the Island he was attacked by the Rock Trolls but the Asgardian easily defeated them and brought Loki back to the Earth, to be judged by the newly formed Avengers[1].



In Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes the Isle seems to be named due to total silence on it. However the Enchantress is able to remove this aura of silence.


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