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Ishmael Questor was born on Counter-Earth, a quadriplegic with a withered body but an enlarged brain, and with mental powers his infant mind could not control. His parents turned him over to the German government, who placed him in a nutrient tank where he was kept in a catatonic state for over a decade as they conducted tests on him, until Ishmael eventually awoke and responded to the pain of the tests by lashing out with his mind, immediately destroying the minds of the five scientists and one maintenance worker at the lab. Ishmael took control of their bodies, giving them a semblance of life as they gave him a semblance of mobility, and after erasing all memory of himself and the lab containing his 'Think Tank' from the German government, telepathically offered his services to the Young Allies, acting as their intelligence gatherer and coordinator without ever leaving his lab..


Telepathic abilities including mind reading and the ability to mentally possess others.


Enhanced intelligence


A liquid-filled tank and a breathing mask

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