Double V Symbol 001

The Double V Symbol

After losing the secrets of serum when Dr. Erskine, the United States Army still wanted to produce more super soldiers like Steve Rogers.[1] To this end, Col. Walker Price and Dr. Wilfred Nagel took 300 African-American soldiers from Mississippi to experiment upon. Only a handful of men survived the gruesome process.[2] These men were used as a secret black ops squad. Eventually all the men were killed except one: Isaiah Bradley.[3] To prevent the Nazi finalizing their development of the Super Soldier Serum, Isaiah Bradley was sent on a suicide mission to Schwarzebitte to killed Dr. Kosh and destroy his research.[4] To complete this mission Bradley stole a Captain America costume and armed himself with a shield bearing The Double V Symbol.[3] Bradley was eventually captured by the Nazis, and later freed by the German underground.[5]

This battle-scared shield eventually came into the possession of Isaiah's genetically engineered son, Josiah X which he used as Justice.[6]


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