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Irwin Hayes

Irwin Hayes was posted as governor of a Pacific Island following the end of World War II. The island was home of the dormant volcano Oku Sama, and became the prime choice for a new American military airbase. However, Hayes had geologist George Harris survey the land and learned that it was rich in silver deposits. Wishing to claim the silver for himself, Hayes developed the costumed identity of Doctor Weerd and developed a technological means of creating false lava flowers to give the illusion that Oku Sama was becoming active again in order to drive people away from the island until he could stake his claim.

However, the activity prompted the military to send William Nasland and Fred Davis Jr. to investigate. Learning of this, Doctor Weerd ordered his men to kill them, leading to a clash with the two heroes alter egos of Captain America and Bucky. Easily defeating Weerd's men, the two heroes were forced to pull back due to the flow of lava.

Returning to the village below, they consulted Hayes, unaware of his double identity, who suggested that they visit George Harris. When the two heroes went to question Harris, Weerd's men attacked again, knocking the two heroes out and kidnapping Harris. By this point, Cap decided the best way to capture their foe was to draw him out and so he informed the military that the island was ideal for a military base. In response, Weerd caused a massive lava flow that frightened the locals badly enough to make them flee their homes. Cap and Bucky climbed to the summit and battled Weerd's men, and during the fight Weerd murdered Harris. Finally catching up to Weerd, Cap easily bested him and unmasked him and learned the truth. With Hayes' plot ruined, Cap turned him over to the authorities who built their base, while the locals all returned to their homes.

Hayes subsequent fate is unknown.




When operating as Dr. Weerd, Hayes wore a life like mask.


Hayes had access to various fire arms, he also had a device that allowed him to create lava flows and earthquakes.

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