Irving was born on Long Island, New York, to Polish immigrant Meyer Banciewicz, heir to a family whose firstborn sons had been powerful mutants for generations. Meyer having been traumatized by his powers in his youth, he beat Irving in order to keep his own powers suppressed. Meyer was eventually arrested, and Irving moved to New Orleans, changed his name, and had a son of his own, David. Down on his luck, Irving took a job as an accountant for the shady nightclub owner, "Mr. D."

Desperate for his son to inherit his powers and become everything Irving himself could not, Irving signed David up to be a test subject for the Adrenamix, in hopes that they could unlock his powers. They succeeded, but after another subject died, Irving asked them to release David by threatening to report them to the police. Irving continued to pressure David to make something of his new powers, and may have even been on the verge of becoming abusive himself when the mutant known as Justice intervened. He mediated a compromise between David and Irving, and a few days later mailed David his old Marvel Boy costume, in hopes that David would use his powers in the service of good. [1]


Irving could control energy to an unspecified degree, but his powers were buried within his psyche by his father's abuse and he could not currently use them.

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