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Iron Man Vol 3 20


Iron Man Vol 3 20

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Appearing in "Cheating Death"Edit

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Synopsis for "Cheating Death"Edit

Iron Man and War Machine battle while fighting off Sunset's smart weapons, which are powered by Jocasta. Rhodey arrives with Glenda, distracting War Machine. Despite this, Parnell eventually gets the drop on Iron Man, but Rhodey reminds Parnell that he still owes Rhodey for saving his life; Parnell quits on Clarke and departs, leaving Iron Man unharmed, but tells Rhodey the debt is paid. Iron Man uses the discarded additional War Machine armaments to destroy Sunset's smart weapons. Upset with Iron Man's ability to easily usurp Clarke's armaments, Sunset fires him. Jocasta decides she doesn't want to be used in the way Sunset has programmed her, so she initiates her self-destruct sequence. Iron Man blasts into Baintronics and locates Jocasta and downloads her master program into his armor as her head melts. Sunset tries to explain away her attack on Iron Man as an unauthorized munitions test, but he just leaves. Iron Man returns home to the waiting Rhodey and Glenda, then transfers Jocasta's master program into his own computers. He offers to construct a new body for her, but she says there's no rush. Meanwhile, Det. Plexico oversees some construction workers pull another Madame Masque body out of Puget Sound.

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