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-- Henry Gyrich

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Masque watches as Marianne Rodgers escapes from Stark Center, a private mental hospital. Meanwhile, Iron Man (Tony Stark) stops a carjacker, a mugger, and a drug dealer selling to children, and two rival gangs battling with high-tech weapons. Wanting to provide something positive for the local community, Stark then publicly opens the Maria Stark park, and has his photo taken with a grateful child.

In Vietnam, Priests of Pama cut their way through the jungle, but discover that their home, the Temple of Agaphaur, has disappeared. At Stark Enterprises, Stark tells Henry Peter Gyrich that something has to be done about the Avengers after Gyrich's recent run in with them, but Bethany Cabe interrupts the conversation.

Stark leaves for his private lab where Machinesmith is working on some projects. He shuts down Machinesmith, checks his messages, and blacks out. His sleep is interrupted only by a brief flash of a teenaged Luna trying to contact him. She warns him about others coming and she is sorry that she could not stop him (presumably from killing). He wakes up standing in his mansion with Bethany making dinner, with no memory of how he got there. Panicking, he runs outside, wondering if he's beginning to have a breakdown.

  • It is believed for some time that the "Masque" that re-emerged this issue was Whitney Frost. It is later determined that this was simply one of her clones.
  • In this issue, Tony Stark feels terribly disoriented as he appears to transport back and forth to locations, and he appears to be the only person who recognizes this. His attention lapses and loses some of his powers of concentration.
  • In this issue, it is apparent that Tony Stark and Bethany Cabe have rekindled their romantic interest in each other.
  • This issue is reprinted in other comics and books, see references for more info.[1]

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