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Iron Man Vol 1 151


Iron Man Vol 1 151

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Quote1 All right Martinelli, give me the story fast! Quote2
-- Iron Man

Appearing in "G.A.R.D.'s Gauntlet"Edit

Featured Characters:

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Synopsis for "G.A.R.D.'s Gauntlet"Edit

Tony is depressed by Bethany's departure and goes to get fitted for a suit with Ling. Stark International's staff are still cleaning up after the fires Blacklash caused. Scott Lang is finishing up repairs in the facility he was assigned to when some caustic liquid released by the fires burns into the G.A.R.D. Computer and it locks down the building. Regarding Lang as an intruder, G.A.R.D. begins activating its automatic defenses. Lang becomes Ant-Man and manages to shrink inside the machine and shut it down. Later, Tony sees Bethany on the front of a newspaper with the headline "American spy captured!"

  • In this issue, the security code is THX 1138, which is the title of an early movie by George Lucas and an "Easter egg" referenced in other movies and sources (commonly related to Star Wars and Lucas' opus but, as this comic-book proves, also in other franchises)

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