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Quote1 I turned my back on someone who needed me once before, and I've had to live with it ever since. Quote2
-- Bethany Cabe

Appearing in "A Man's Home is His Battlefield..."Edit

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Synopsis for "A Man's Home is His Battlefield..."Edit

As Iron Man fights Hammer's army of super criminals Hammer reveals that he receives 50% of all their earnings for his support. As Iron Man handily holds off the villains Water Wizard flees the scene rather than face him. As the last of the costumed criminals fall, Hammer's personal guard watches the Monaco police arrive in helicopters led by Rhodes. Hammer has the entire Villa move outwards into international waters but Iron Man smashes through the hull, sinking it. He retrieves Barnett and forces him to clear him of Kotznin's murder. Although Iron Man's name is cleared upon his return to the USA, he finds that his reputation has suffered and children are afraid of him. Tony returns to drinking and tries to call up Bethany for a date, but is too drunk to copy down her address correctly; when she does not appear he assumes she is snubbing him and he finds another date. When Tony drunkenly brings his date to Avengers mansion he winds up insulting Jarvis. The next morning Jarvis turns in his resignation to Tony. Tony begins to realize he has a drinking problem.

  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story# LG 526.
  • In this issue, Jarvis submits a letter of resignation. There are several problems with the letter. One such problem is that he signs his first name as "Jarvis" and the last name is illegible. Jarvis' first name is later determined to be "Edwin" and his last name as "Jarvis". The other being that writer David Michelinie did not intend for this particular letter to be the one published in this issue. This is explained in the letters page of Iron Man #130. The letter is an actual resignation letter from Marvel, edited to fit.


  • This issue is reprinted in other comics and books, see references for more info.[1]

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