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After some time out of the public due to burnout and scandal, Stark returned to daily life.

Hydra attacked a gamma plant where the remaining armor had been stored stored; Stark and Sitwell investigated.

Iron Man Vol 2 1 Textless

The gamma bomb's detonation had brought the Hulk to life. Hulk caused Stark's helicopter to crash. Tony suffered major injuries to his heart, and put on the armor to save his life. Feeling like he was given a second chance, Stark became active as Iron Man.

He later learned that the armor design was not flawed; it had been damaged when Rebel secretly challenged the Titanium Man.


  • The Prometheum armor was created and used during the Heroes Reborn time period and exclusive to that Alternate-Earth setting. When Tony Stark returns to Earth-616, he immediatley adapts the newer Renaissance Armor.


  • A toy version of the Prometheum Armor was produced for the Heroes Reborn Avengers line. A new one was later released under the Marvel Legends imprint.

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