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While Iron Man's conventional suits could function underwater, they had several limitations. Stark specially designed this armor to work underwater at depths of up to 3 miles.

In terms of appearance, it was an all new design with the exception of the helmet taken from the Model 4 armor.

Captain Marvel Vol 7 12 Many Armors of Iron Man Variant Textless


All repulsor weapons are adapted for underwater use; in particular the updated "tri-beam" style uni-beam and mini torpedoes. The armor can generate an electrical field around itself similar to an electric eel. It could also release a chemical into the water that generates an inky-black cloud similar to an octopus's.

Boot jets received modified turbines. Life support was enhanced for deep sea conditions. Long-range exo-units act as grapples with fully articulated hands. Crampons help in maintaining footing on rocks and coral. The backpack is a holding bay that can store objects.

Lastly, the main armor can be jettisoned if needed to escape.


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