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After 15-year-old M.I.T. student Riri Williams managed to reverse engineer some of his past technology, Tony Stark had his place under the limelight compromised, and he decided to spend more time tinkering in his lab to create new technologies and remain ahead of the rest. As a result of his time in the lab, Tony developed a new suit of armor that could change shape and color based on the task at hand.[4]

Tony was forced to use an early prototype of the suit that didn't possess the main feature of the full version (a shape-shifting scaled surface) in combat when he was summoned to the Collector's Contest of Champions.[5] This prototype was heavily damaged in the ensuing fights Stark was forced to partake in,[6] and it was ultimately destroyed and left behind in the Battlerealm when the Collector teleported Stark alone back to Earth with no clear memory of the recent events.[7]

The suit's full version was finished a few hours before Tony Stark's first date with Dr. Amara Perera, for which he had to postpone testing it. Tony first suited up with the full version when he was alerted of Madame Masque's return, and he had to fly to Latveria to investigate her recent activities.[4]


Anthony Stark (Earth-616) from Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 1 002



The main purpose of this suit is to serve as an all-in-one tool set. The mostly hexagonal scales that comprise the surface of the armor can be commanded to separate and reconfigure themselves into any form and color using nanotech principles of molecular recognition.[1] This ability allows the limbs of the suit to take the form of different tools, and even allow the entire appearance of the armor to be modified, by changing the color and mass of the suit, in order to adapt to the task at hand, including stealth operations, heavy lifting, and orbital flight. After taking shape, the scales smooth themselves out along the body's contours to give a leaner feel to the armor.[4] Some of the forms the Model-Prime Armor has taken are: a Hulkbuster-like physique,[8] stealth armor,[9] a reinforced appearance inspired by samurai, and a kid-sized mode.[10]

Unlike other armors that were connected to the wielder's biology, this one is simply directly linked to the user's brain synapses. When not in use, the Model-Prime Armor can be collapsed into a bracelet on the wrist of the user, which can be activated and form around the user's entire body when called upon. When the user wants to show their face, the faceplate can split apart and retract inside of the helmet entirely. Recharging the armor from scratch takes at least three hours.[4]

Anthony Stark (Earth-616) from Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 2 003


The Model-Prime Armor can reach the speed of sound right from lift-off, and additional thrusters can be formed from the suit's scales to reach higher speeds.[9] Flight while in stealth mode appears to leave no repulsor energy trail, so it could be powered by other means.[9]

Friday is featured as the on-board A.I., which controls the suit's communication systems and scanners, among other tasks.[4] The armor can also release miniature drones for environmental scanning.[10] The suit's systems are so advanced they can cloak its energy signature and any frequency emanation.[11]

Anthony Stark (Earth-616) from Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 2 002


Offensive Powers

The Model-Prime Armor features regular Iron Man Armor weaponry, namely repulsors,[4] a unibeam,[6] and a micro-missile array.[12] The repulsors have multi-vibrational capabilities, being able to damage beings with phasing powers.[13]

Different types of weaponry can be created on the spot thanks to the armor's primary shape-shifting function. The scales on the surface of the suit can be commanded to shape themselves into blades, guns, cannons, etc.[4] The armor can also create a "zero-point energy bubble" which drains an excessive amount of energy. This energy bubble can be used to attack enemies with a shockwave energy blast[10] or as a force-field to contain them.[14]

In addition to the commonplace increase in strength, the armor's shape-shifting features can enhance its user's strength even further, by increasing in mass, giving the suit a bulky appearance similar to a Hulkbuster Armor.[8]

Anthony Stark (Earth-616) from Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 2 010


Defensive Powers

In addition to the extra-durable shell protecting its user, the Model-Prime Armor has shown to be completely immune to different types of powerful attacks, namely sonic attacks[4] and EMPs,[15] with such efficiency that its wearer might not even react to them.[4] The suit can also resist powerful blasts of energy that can destroy entire buildings,[14] and repeated blows from the likes of Captain Marvel.[16] The armor is also protected against intangibility, preventing objects and individuals like the Vision from phasing through it.[17]

The division of the suit's surface into individual tiles allows for fast repairing of damaged areas, as the scales simply realign themselves.[16] The extent of this ability allows the armor to rapidly rebuild itself even after being broken down in its entirety.[9]

The suit also possesses a cloaking mode that renders it completely invisible while its user remains in sight, giving its wearer the ability to have the armor's protection while deceivingly appearing to be completely defenseless.[8] The suit's multi-functionality allows to render its entire surface black for stealth missions.[9] Additionally, magnetic force-fields can be used to attract objects at will.[14]

In case the wearer's life is in extreme risk, the Model-Prime Armor possesses an emergency protocol which consists of causing the suit to burst and separate from Tony while the device on his wrist flies him away to safety. The Model-Prime Armor remains in an autonomic control until its user can access its remote interface and get hold of the armor.[9]


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  • When designing this armor, artist David Marquez took inspiration from contemporary car and aircraft concepts. In particular, the Lamborghini Aventador and fighter jets like the F-22 and YF-23.[18]

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