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When Stark realized he had sold Justin Hammer all copies of the Evader Armor, he went to confront Hammer on his orbiting space station using this suit.


This armor emphasizes stealth, and seems to be designed to function in space only. It is less durable than earlier designs but is stealthier and easier to control.

The armor is covered with an experimental compression gel before launching. It uses a booster rig with solid-fuel rockets rather than its own supply to leave Earth's atmosphere.

Instead of traditional boot jets, the suit uses compressed gas maneuvering pods. Retro burst stabilizers located at the knees and hips help maintain attitude control.

A solar sail assists in both reentry and recharging the armor.

It possesses repulsors, a uni-beam, pulse bolts and explosive 'concussion buds.'

ECM jamming and a stealth mode mask its presence. It possesses various sensors including a thermal scan.

Like other space armors, auto-sealants protect the wearer and an autopilot can return it to Earth.



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