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Stark had been tinkering with this new bulkier armor behind-the-scenes before the first Armor Wars but was reluctant to use it because of it's high power capabilities. The design and color scheme was meant to be a redesign and reimagining of his classic armor. Initially it was just a project Stark had been working on in his free-time.

Later on, Stark was forced to don the armor to stop Firepower after a miserable defeat earlier in which his current armor was destroyed by one of Firepower's missle's. Initially Stark planned to discard it after defeating Firepower; However, he continued to act as Iron Man after being inspired by his battles with Firepower.

A cover story was made mentioning a fictitious Stark employee had died as Iron Man and Stark had made a new hire. A similar model was also used by Rhodes briefly.

After being shot by Kathy Dare, Tony had a bio-chip implanted in his spine. In conjunction with a special under-suit, he was able to move in the armor.

He readjusted the armor's cybernetic interface after the Mars Twins' attempt to control his bio-chip.

As nerve damage grew from Kearson DeWitt's techno-virus and mental strain, Tony switched to other armors.

Bethany Cabe used this armor to battle Ultimo.

When Tony Stark undertook Stark Resilient, he dismantled and melted a model of this armor.


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A Beta particle generator and solar converters became the armor's power source. As a result the armor was more powerful and faster.

A security chip and anti-intrusion devices were added to prevent the armor's technology from being duplicated.

The cybernetic interface adapted after Stark's spinal injury.

Its battle computer could track up to 60 targets simultaneously.

A cybernetic probe could link to other systems.

A universal translator was added to boost communications.

A booster pack was available for space travel, as well as a hydro module for underwater missions.

The armor retained and improved the Silver Centurion's weaponry. An EMP was adopted from Force's usage of it.

The gauntlets had a nozzle for freon or gas. An add-on could carry "titanium foam."

It could also launch a "hyperwave" generator.[1]

An Energy shield was used to protect against energy attacks.

Protected senses acted automatically to protect Stark's sight and hearing.

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