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After a disastrous battle with the superhuman criminal known as Mister Doll, Tony Stark came to realize that the Model 1 armor was too cumbersome, especially in his state. To remedy this, Tony designed a sleeker, lightweight armor to combat and defeated Mr. Doll. Realizing its great potential, Tony kept this armor as is and would soon modify it into the armor that would become widely known. [1]

Anthony Stark (Earth-616) from Tales of Suspense Vol 1 59 cover

This armor is the first to implement the trademark red and yellow color schemes. Two main helmets were used with this model: the "horned" mask and the riveted helmet. The armor is much more form fitting an sleeker than the previous Model 1 model.

When Tony Stark undertook the Stark Resilient, one of the models of this armor was melted to create the Iron Man Armor Model 37.[2]

After Tony suffered suffering an almost-fatal mental attack by the Black Lama, he created a full back of his mind in case he was subjected to a similar assault in the future. Having downloaded the back-up into a version of the Mark 2 armour, he then subjected himself to a short-term mind-wipe so that he would forget about the A.I.'s creation.[3] It returned when he was subjected to the moral inversion during a clash with Red Onslaught[4], but Tony was able to subvert and disable it[3], forcing the A.I. to transfer itself into another suit of armor.[5]

Alternate Realities

Earth-64087 (Home to Demonic Avengers)

Avenger (Earth-64087) from Avengers Vol 1 7

Iron Man using his armor

Iron Man (Tony Stark) used his armor to terrorize Manhattan New York.[6]


  • Armor has at times been referred to as the "Ditko Armor" as it was designed by the Iron Man artist at the time: Steve Ditko.


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More powerful and efficient in use of battery power than the previous armor. Power Pods assisted in power usage.

Iron Man Armor MK III

Horn-masked helmet

The horn-masked helmet was temporarily replaced with a rivet-faced one.

Improvements to boot jets granted full flight.

Repulsors and the uni-beam became standard weapon. A sonic emitter was also added.

In addition to radar, the armor also had sonar, a magnetic repellor, and an energy detector.

The armor was compact enough that it could actually be fit inside suitcases, something that would be commonplace for most of Tony's armors in the future.

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