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Anthony Stark (Earth-616)/Technology

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These are Tony Stark's various technological achievements.

Iron Man Armors

Main article: Iron Man Armor

Some of them are:

Other armors

Other Technology

  • Lightweight Mortars
  • Jet-Powered Roller Skates
  • Atomic Naval Cannons
  • Flesh-Healing Serum
  • Radiation-resistant alloy for space capsules
  • Burp Guns
  • Disintegrator Ray
  • Railgun
  • Y-69 Rocket
  • Anti-Gravity Ray
  • Observer Missiles
  • Uranus II Rocket
  • Moon Missile
  • Mangler Missile
  • Mini-Sub
  • Anti-armor proton gun
  • Enervator Intensifier (Enervator Ray)
  • Life Model Decoys (LMD)
  • Electronic memory bank
  • Cosmitronic cannon
  • Stark Flying Wing
  • Stark's Folly (experimental V-TOL craft that never worked)
  • Inertial Dampener Gate System (built to protect them from being rammed open)
  • STARCORE Satellite
  • Stark Card
  • HUD Glasses
  • Security Sweeper and Laser Alarm
  • Stark ATV
  • The Clement
  • "Seedpod" micro-munitions
  • Stark Sentinel ("smart" landmine)
  • "Stark Beam 01" Zipsat Cellular Phone
  • Repulsor Car
  • The Peak
  • Deep Space Monitoring Station
  • Real-Time Communication Transmitter
  • Stark Omniversal Multitasking Software (based on technology given by Rocket Raccoon)