This "Iron Man" was a Skrull posing as Iron Man and a leader of the Skrull Avengers. He wears a Skrull version of the Mark VI armor.

He was leading the four Skrull Avengers in a fake rescue ploy to fool Captain America but ended up being the first one being knocked out by Cap, thus revealing his true form.

After being knocked out, he led a full team of Skrull Avengers to Earth in a mission to infiltrate Wakanda and steal the Vibranium. He also told a fake story of being captured by Skrulls to Ms. Marvel and convinced her to help them.

In a fight against Black Panther and his Wakandan forces, he fought them hard before Skrull Thor and Skrull Black Panther were exposed. After being compromised, he ordered his remaining teammates to destroy all those who stand in their way. But he was beaten badly and the last to fall before the Avengers. His last words are that his people will take over Earth and are everywhere as he removed his helmet revealing his true face before being knocked out.


Same as the real Iron Man.


Same as the real Iron Man.

Strength level

Same as the real Iron Man.


Skrull version of Mark VI armor.


Skrull ship


Skrull version of repulsor weapons.

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