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Iron Fist Vol 1 15


Iron Fist Vol 1 15

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Appearing in "Enter, the X-Men"Edit

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Synopsis for "Enter, the X-Men"Edit

After breaking up a smuggling operation, Iron Fist is once more attacked by Steel Serpent who absorbs more of Iron Fist's chi, and leaving him to be finished off later. Traveling to Misty's apartment, Iron Fist remembers that Misty isn't there because she is on assignment to try and take down Bushmaster. Iron Fist decides to enter her apartment anyway, as there is a party for her roommate Jean Grey after her and her teammates in the X-Men's latest trials and tribulations.

Being spotted by Wolverine (who, like the rest of the X-Men have not met Iron Fist) goes in after him and the two get into a fight. The fight soon boils out of control as each arriving member of the X-Men also joins in on the fight until Cyclops and Phoenix arrive and break it up explaining that Iron Fist is a friend of Misty's. Later in his civilian guise, Danny parties with the X-Men and uses his wealth to help Jean from being evicted by her landlord.

  • This is the final issue of the first volume of Iron Fist, the series was cancelled after this issue. However with the Steel Serpent and Misty Knight plot threads unresolved. The Steel Serpent plot line would be finished in Marvel Team-Up #63 and 64, while the Bushmaster plot would be covered in these two issues of Marvel Team-Up, but would be carried over into Power Man #48 and 49. That series would be renamed Power Man and Iron Fist starting with issue #50.

Wolverine is shown wearing the costume he stole from Fang of the Shi-Ar Imperial Guard in this story, the only time he wears it after returning from space following X-Men #108.

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