The inorganic technotroids are the Skrull empress's ultimate bodyguards. They are birthed in her chambers when she is alone and as they are imprinted by the first living thing they see, they live to serve only her until they are recycled.

De'Lila was looking for one of them, a stolen egg which was taken to become the perfect assassin, infiltrating her identical bodyguard and slaying her. With the unconscious help of Mister Fantastic and the New Fantastic Four, she found the missing egg in Subterranea, where it was being held by a female monster, so as soon as it hatched, the technotroid imprinted on her and grabbed the Skrull captain who was threatening to obliterate it with an explosive device. After the captain's death, the technotroid was cooed by the monster couple, like it was their first born[1].

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