Information-silk Official Team Name
Inheritors of All Creation[1]
Information-silk Team Aliases
Inheritors,[2] Inheritors of Reality,[3] Great Hunters[4]
Information-silk Identity
Information-silk Universe
Information-silk Team Leader(s)
Solus; formerly Morlun, an Unnamed Matriarch
Information-silk Former Members
Karn, Unnamed Matriarch

Quote1 My "mission"? There is no "mission." This is what my kind does. We kill the spiders. It's our way. As for others like me... pray you never meet the rest of my family. Quote2
-- Karn


The Inheritors are a clan of totemic hunters who fed on the life force of Totems, beings that connect the animal and Human kingdoms, originally from Earth-001. They have battled and fed on both totem avatars as well as totemic Gods. At one point, they sought to defeat the spider deity the Master Weaver. The clan mother and her offspring Bora, Verna, Brix, Daemos, Morlun, Jennix and Karn attacked him at his home. But when Karn got a chance to strike, the Weaver revealed Karn had no pleasure with death and wished he could create and not destroy. Karn hesitated and his mother attacked the Weaver and was killed. While Karn was in shock, his father, Solus, arrived and subjugated the Master Weaver with his siblings. Karn was confined to wear a mask to hide his shame and became an outcast. Seeing that the Weaver's power could be used, they used chains designed by Jennix to control the Master Weaver's power in order to travel between dimensions and hunt all Spider-Totems in the Multiverse.[2]

When the Inheritors managed to gather three spider-totems needed to perform a ritual, The Other, The Scion, and The Bride, the Spider-Army formed to oppose the Inheritors travelled to their base, Loomworld, to stop them.[5]

In the end, the Spider-Army managed to overpower the Inheritors and stop the ritual which would've ended them all. The Inheritors were left in Earth-3145, a universe with a radioactive Earth, where they would die due to them being extremely vulnerable to radiation, and couldn't escape, because the Master Weaver they had enslaved and used to travel across the Multiverse had been killed. However, Spider-Man gave them the knowledge of a shelter in Sims Tower, where they could survive, but not pose a threat anymore.[4]


  • While they preferentially hunt totemic avatars, Inheritors can also feed on normal animals.[6]
  • Inheritors are either unable to consume symbiotes and those bonded to them, or have great difficulty doing so.[7]

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