Inga von Leche was a member of the Nazi Gestapo during World War II. By the summer of 1942 her superior Captain Achhimmel was determined to capture the Destroyer after the hero helped free Paul Voltz, an outspoken German sculptor who was against the Nazi regime, and was slated for execution. She took on the task with great interest, hoping to succeed where men before her had failed.

She and Acchimmel canvassed around Berlin looking for clues, when she was approached by German writer Louis Kramer -- secretly the Destroyer in one of his many aliases. "Kramer" earned her trust and convinced her and Achhimmel that the best way to capture the Destroyer was to have someone else pose as the hero and seemingly rescue three German writers who were next slated for execution. This, in turn, would bring out the true Destroyer and bring about his capture. Liking this plan, Inga ironically slated "Kramer" to play the role.

The operation was a success and the German writers were re-captured after the fake break out. When the "true" Destroyer came to rescue them, he clashes with Achhimmel and Leche. During the fight, a bullet fired from Inga's gun meant for the Destroyer stuck and killed Achhimmel instead and the Destroyer escaped with the writers. When "Kramer" returned (sporting a fake black eye to protect his alter ego) Leche told him that the Destroyer had shot Achhimmel, but she appeared to happy to have replaced her late superior instead of capturing the Destroyer.

The Destroyer was amused that he managed to fool her so well and hoped to maintain the Kramer identity to continue to fool her, however any subsequent encounters with Leche are unrecorded. Her fate following World War II is unrevealed.


Leche was armed with a Luger.

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