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Loki embarks on a journey to the God Quarry with a librarian from Omnipotence City, Flowa, in order to investigate the desecration of a book with a story involving him. He had found out that none of the stories at Omnipotence City's library show him being the hero, and determined somebody must be behind this occurrence.[1] When he reaches the God Quarry, its guardians, The Coven, burst into flames announcing that "infinity's end is here!" A portal from another universe hurls a counterpart of Loki who is worthy of Mjolnir and possesses the Infinity Stones of his reality. Loki's counterpart warns him that he won't be able to breach into the "original universe" without them, or have any hopes of winning against Requiem and Devondra. Loki's counterpart returns to his reality, where he's slain by Soul-Eater. Loki sets out to find the Infinity Stones.

In the meantime, Gamora meets up with Star-Lord and switches the Power Stone in his possession with a fake.[2] Donning a special masked armor forged by a dwarf of Nidavellir and a sword with the Power Stone encrusted on its hilt,[3] Gamora murders Thanos before he can set out to find the Infinity Stones.[1] After killing her foster father, Gamora is plagued by an apparition of Thanos.[4]

On Earth, Doctor Strange convenes the Infinity Watch to arrange the sakefeekping of the Infinity Stones. Strange attempts to observe Thanos' whereabouts and is surprised to find him dead. Gamora arrives and demands the Infinity Stones, and simply identifies herself as Requiem. During the ensuing fight, her true identity is revealed. Surprised by Gamora's uncharacteristic behavior, Star-Lord tries to reason with her.[2] He's saved from dead by Doctor Strange, using the Time Stone. Doctor Strange then teleports to another dimension with Turk Barrett and convinces him to hand over the Mind Stone. Back in Central Park, Captain Marvel flies away with Gamora to take her down, but Gamora steals the Reality Stone from him and uses it to trick the heroes into believing she's Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel is Gamora. Captain America notices the deception after Doctor Strange restrains Captain Marvel, but Gamora uses the Reality Stone to partially fuse him and Doctor Strange together, stealing both the Time and Mind Stones. Gamora decapitates Warlock, and the heroes try to race to the Soul Gem. However, Gamora uses the Time Stone to freeze time, and steals the Space Stone from Black Widow in the process. Hesitant, Gamora opens a portal to Soulworld and reunites with the part of herself trapped within, becoming whole again. Gamora then sets out to rebalance the Soul Gem, declaring that Devondra must feed. Loki approaches her from behind with Flowa, and offers Gamora his counsel.[4]



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