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Infinity Countdown Vol 1 5
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Quote1 Those of you who can hear my call through the stone... I am Doctor Strange. We must have a parley. Imminent danger approaches. I summon a gathering of the Infinity Watch. Earth. Midnight tomorrow in New York's Central Park. I guarantee safe conduct for all. As some of you may know, the Infinity Stones are different than they once were. I don't know why yet -- but we must make sure they're safeguarded. I ask that you come and hear what I have to say. It's critical we six souls safeguard the stones... because we may have only one opportunity to stave off calamity. Quote2
-- Doctor Strange

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  • Devondra (First full appearance) (Unnamed)

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The battle for Infinity among the stars comes to its dramatic conclusion, and all the stones are in place to bring the INFINITY WARS to Earth!

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