Early Life

Indra is one of the old Vedic Gods in the pantheon of deities from India.

In recent years, he clashed with Thor who came to Nirvana for a portion of the life-energies to restore the Asgardians to life after confronting the Celestials. Indra, posing as the greater deity Shiva, would not offer him the energies at first, but relented upon realizing the passion of Thor's mission.[2]

He later joined with Thor and a number of gods against Demogorge.[3]


Indra possesses the conventional attributes of the Hindu gods including superhuman strength, stamina, resistance to harm and true longevity.[citation needed] He is considerably stronger than any other Hindu god[citation needed] and can tap into and control the power of storms,[citation needed] including the ability to throw lightning bolts.[citation needed]

Strength level

Indra possesses Class 100 level strength enabling him to lift (press) well over a hundred tons under optimal conditions.[citation needed]


Indra carries a vajra, a curved sword resembling a lightning bolt.[citation needed]

  • Marvel Comics received criticism from Hindu readers for allowing Shiva to be beaten by Thor in Thor #301, so later stories retconned Thor's opponent from that issue as Indra, a lesser deity more on Thor's relative power level.

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