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Early 20th Century

As a youth, Monako the Magician and his family travelled through India. His parents were slain by a cult that practice the black arts. Their leader spared the young boy's life and taught and raised Monako the secrets of magic. Eventually, the cult was slain by British colonists who recovered Monako and sent him to London, England to study.[1]

India was a popular place of learning as it was visited by Bill Waring who came to learn nerve control as part of his training that saw him become the costumed hero known as the Challenger.[2] Also Mr. Lelong learned the art of knife throwing in India.[3]

With the outbreak of World War II, India became the site of many clashes between the Allied Forces and Imperial Japan, leading to many super-humans being active in the area. The Sub-Mariner assisted a young Indian boy named Mabu protect a herd of super-strong elephants from Japanese forces in the region.[4] Indian warrior the Fakir and his minions assisted the Japanese army, but they were wiped out by the American Army with the aid of Captain America and Bucky.[5] Also during this time, the ambassador to India was revealed to be a Japanese spy, who was stopped by the Patriot.[6] By 1944, a Japanese spy posed as Princess Ramasi who claimed to be the reincarnation of the goddess Kali. With this position of power she attempted to turn a local Kali worshipping cult against American forces stationed in India, until her ruse was exposed by Captain America and Bucky.[7] Likewise the region was terrorized by the Seven Sons of Satan who were also defeated by Cap and Bucky.[8] The Young Allies also ended up in India after sneaking aboard an American navy ship. There they assisted Allied Forces fight back a Japanese attack force led by Tehru the Master Magician.[9] In 1945, Captain America and Bucky returned to India where they stopped the Japanese from resurrecting the myth of the Prophet of Hate to turn the people of India against the Allied Forces stationed there.[10] Later that year, Cap and Bucky's replacements William Nasland and Fred Davis Jr. were active in the area, putting a stop to Indian mirror maker Genrami from blinding Allied soldiers for the Japanese by using a special glass that could blind those who looked at it.[11]

In 1954, the Hypnotist organized a group of Thuggies into joining his criminal empire, but their plot was foiled by the Human Torch and Toro.[12] Also active in the area was renown hunter Cliff Mason.[13] In 1955, Secret Service Agent Rick Davis prevented communists from convincing the Maharajah of Rajapour into siding with them, instead securing his support to the United States.[14]

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