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Nightmare (Earth-616) 0002
As for the monsters of this island: Mindless Ones, "borrowed" from a neighboring dimension to aid in my shadow plays. Well? Have you nothing to say?
Conversation Tail
Bruce Banner (Earth-616)
Yeah. You're boring the crap out of me. Leaving now.
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Appearing in "Tempest Fugit Conclusion"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Previous Empty Hulk Next Empty (Appears in flashback and main story)

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Tempest Fugit Conclusion"Edit

The Hulk breaks through multiple levels of illusions, which Gwen reveals to be created by Nightmare, her father. Fed up with the games, the Hulk decides to leave. Nightmare taunts him, saying the woman that he "fathered" Gwen with was none other than Betty Ross. The Hulk attacks him, taking his horse and riding away across the sea. Gwen teleports herself and Ripley away, wanting to "live happily ever after". As Hulk rides away, Betty Ross washes up on shore and is greeted by her father "Thaddeus Ross".

  • Cover art is an homage to the 1973 Death Dealer painting by Frank Frazetta.

    Solicit Synopsis:
  • "TEMPEST FUGIT." We can't tell you everything that happens in this issue simply because it will destroy the shock ending of the previous issue. So instead, just know this: The secret of Monster Island stands revealed, the Hulk is faced with a shocking surprise, we learn the outcome of Bruce's high school catastrophe, and fans will scream when they see the last panel. Part 5 (of 5).

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