Quote1 The only know hate, Greenskin. Bring them back some hope. Quote2
-- Korg

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Synopsis for "Allegiance, Part 1"Edit

After announcing that he was coming for the Red King, the Hulk and his refugees have been trying to stay ahead of the army and the swarm of Spikes that are consuming everything in their path. While setting up a temporary camp, Caiera the Oldstrong suggests that they get moving. Miek protests, as his queen -- the last of his species -- is just beginning to heal after her near assimilation into the Spike collective. However, the choice is taken from them as soon as the king's armies arrive, herding the Spikes toward them. Caiera tries to use her former position as the King's shadow to convince the soldiers to help them against the Spikes, but word of her defection to the Hulk's Warbound have already reached them and they have orders to kill them all. With the Spikes about to reach them, the Hulk orders the refugees to safety while his Warbound deal with their attackers. The Hulk then begins to strike the ground until it cracks open and creates a flow of lava that consumes the Spikes. The Warbound then go about eliminating the soldiers who hover over the battlefield on floating platforms. As the kings forces flee, the Hulk pulls Caiera away from the lava as a pack of Mawkaw Makong that emerge from the lava to defend their territory.

Over an hour later, the Hulk and his charges get to cover, but the King has stepped up his offensive by unleashing more Spikes upon nearby villages and forests. Suddenly, their planning is interrupted by the screams of Miek and his people. Their queen has given into a Spike infection and is in the midst of transforming into one of the creatures. With no other means of curing her, Miek makes the difficult decision of incinerating the queen, dooming his entire race to extinction. In the aftermath of this latest setback, Hiroim suggests that they seek the aid of he and Caiera's Shadow People. Despite the fact that they are seen as outcasts, Hiroim believes that they will join them against the Red King because the Hulk is the legendary Sakaar Son. The hivlings disagree, thinking that Miek is the prophesized hero as he will saved their world and doomed it by killing their queen. However, Miek corrects them, he is not the legendary figure. He tells his people that they will not rest until they have killed every Sakaarian standing. As they press on, Korg points out to the Hulk that things are going poorly, as Miek and his people have nothing left but hate in their hearts and encourages the Hulk to bring them some hope.

As they cross the deserts to the domain of the Shadow People, they have to set up camp to wait out a sandstorm. Under the cover of tents, Hiroim tells the others how he became shamed and exiled from his people. He tells how during his studies to become a priest of the Shadow People, he began to believe he might actually be the Sakaar Son. After all his trials to become a priest, the master saw in his eyes what Hiroim believed and found himself exiled from his home and people for the crime of blasphemy. He now is convinced that the Hulk is really the Sakaar Son and allying himself with him is Hiroim's last attempt at salvation for his past sins. With the storm lifting, the Hulk emerges from their tent to find a trio of Shadow People waiting for him. Suddenly, from out of the sand come three wild Devil Corkers.

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SHIELD is still on the hunt for Amadeus Cho, a teenager who is the seventh most intelligent person on Earth, and a one-time ally of the Hulk. As Gabriel Jones briefs his agents on how Cho is operating in violation of the newly passed Super Human Registration Act, he is surprised when Cho calls him in the middle of their meeting. Having discovered they had tracked them, Amadeus warns the SHIELD agents to get their parachutes as he hacks into and disables their helicopter, sending it crashing into the Pacific Ocean.

Two weeks later in New Mexico, Cho uses his enhanced intelligence to track the Hulk's trail to one of Bruce Banner's secret laboratories. At that moment, Reed Richards is examining the body of his Thor clone to find out why it went beyond its parameters and murdered Bill Foster during the Civil War. Suddenly, he gets a phone call from Amadeus Cho. The two match intellectual wits over trying to see who is the greater hacker. However, Cho outsmarts Richards by hacking into the Fantastic Four's database while Reed is trying to track his location. Cho finds what he was looking for: Video evidence of the Illuminati exiling the Hulk into space. Amadeus warns Richards that this is going to be a lot of trouble when the Hulk eventually makes his way back to Earth. From this information, Cho is able to hack into satellites to see if the Hulk ended up on the world that the Illuminati planned. When he discovers that the Hulk isn't there, Amadeus accuses Mister Fantastic of murdering his friend.

However, Mister Fantastic tries to explain their plan to exile the Hulk was in order to save the Earth from future rampages. He cites examples of past rampages including the towns of Hadleyville, Stoneridge, Jericho, and Las Vegas. However, Cho knows better pointing out that there were extenuating circumstances behind those rampages, as the Hulk was being manipulated by other forces. The boy genius reminds Reed that all the Hulk ever wanted was to be left alone and got hounded endlessly instead. He then points out all the times the Hulk did good, like saving the lives of countless heroes during the Secret Wars, how he defended the White House from alien invasion and saved the entire Earth from the Godseye. Lastly, he shows how many species across the universe hail the Hulk as a hero. He compares this to Mister Fantastic and the rest of the superhero community being in the middle of a war with one another, punctuating the damage done with the recent death of the hero known as Goliath.

Later, Mister Fantastic meets with Iron Man to give his report on his encounter with Amadeus Cho. While Reed was able to track the boy's location, Cho was long gone by the time SHIELD agents arrived. He then tells Tony that the Hulk isn't on the world they planned on sending him. He warns Iron Man that the Hulk still has friends and fears what will happen when the find the Hulk before they do.

Appearing in "The Origin of the Hulk!"Edit

This story is a reprint of the comic
Incredible Hulk #3.

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Synopsis for "The Origin of the Hulk!"Edit

This story is reprinted from Incredible Hulk #3.

While the Hulk spends the night time hours locked inside of his alter ego Bruce Banner's fortified cave, Rick Jones is summoned to the office of General "Thunderbolt" Ross. Ross tells Rick that they need to test fly an experimental rocket ship and that only the Hulk has a chance of withstanding the titanic g-forces. Knowing that Jones is closely connected to the Hulk, he punctuates his request with the knowledge that the Hulk will be contributing to the country's national security.

Rick feels that he owes it to his country to do what he can, though he regrets that the cost of such patriotism is the betrayal of the Hulk. Rick releases the Hulk from the sanctuary cave, and the Hulk begins chasing him. He lures the Hulk to the launchpad of the rocket ship and begins scaling the gangplank. He tricks the Hulk into entering the capsule, and General Ross launches it into outer space. As he returns to the army base, Rick overhears Ross celebrating the fact that they are now rid of the Hulk forever. It was all a trick. Frustrated beyond measure, Rick begins randomly activating knobs and switches on the rocket's control panel.

In outer space, the rocket passes through a radiation storm, and the Hulk is bathed in a massive dose of powerful celestial energy. The power surge arcs back downward towards Earth, striking Rick Jones. Rick appears to be fine but cannot explain the sudden surge of energy. As night turns to day, the space capsule detaches from the fuselage of the ship and plummets back towards Earth. Rick races out to the impact sight, fearful that the crash may have killed Bruce Banner. It is not Banner who emerges from the ship, however, but the incredible Hulk. Rick doesn't understand how Banner is still the Hulk even though it is now daytime. The Hulk begins chasing Rick Jones, seeking to avenge himself against Rick's betrayal. Rick runs and, in a desperate bid to save his own life, orders the Hulk to stop. Miraculously, the Hulk obeys his commands. Rick now realizes that the energy surge he felt back at the desert base somehow created a connection between himself and the Hulk. He orders the Hulk to bring him back to his cabin and watch over him so he can get some sleep.

While Rick is asleep however, he loses his control over the Hulk. The Hulk breaks through the wall of the cabin and goes on a rampage in a nearby town. Rick catches up to him and orders him to take him to the sanctuary cave. There, Rick instructs the Hulk to enter the steel cell and secures the door behind him. Tired, Rick slumps to the floor on the other side of the door. He refuses to fall asleep however, lest the Hulk go berserk and break free.

Appearing in "But Who Will Judge the Hulk?"Edit

This story is a reprint of the comic
Incredible Hulk #152.

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Synopsis for "But Who Will Judge the Hulk?"Edit

This story is reprinted from Incredible Hulk #152.

The Hulkbusters have tracked the Hulk to the middle of the Nevada Desert, and as General Ross, Nick Fury and Captain America watch on the Hulk is incapacitated by the Hulkbusters gear. With the Hulk captured, Ross calls into the President to inform him the dirty deed has been done. When the Hulk relaxes enough to revert back into Bruce Banner, Ross orders that Banner be tranquilized around the clock as they prepare him for his coming court trail.

In San Francisco, Matt Murdock gets a call asking to represent Bruce Banner during his trial. Although this will turn out to be his most difficult case yet, Murdock accepts it and takes the next plane out to Las Vegas. While in New York the news of the Hulk's capture rowels up the Thing who is egged on by the Human Torch before they are broken up by Mr. Fantastic. Reed informs them that he intends on going to the trail to plead on Banner's behalf in that he is not responsible for what he has done as the Hulk.

On the flight to court, Matt Murdock has a private counsel with Bruce Banner, who wants to be found guilty believing that the electric chair would be a mercy compared to his continued existence as the Hulk. Concerned about his client's state of mind, he asks that General Ross reduce a number of sedatives that Banner is being subjected too. When Ross refuses, Matt threatens to call the Attorney General and have the case overturned because the government is violating Bruce Banner's rights and Ross finally concedes.

As the plane is about to arrive in New York, the Fantastic Four, J. Jonah Jameson, and Peter Parker all arrive to watch as the plane lands. While aboard the plane, Banner realizes that he has had the sedatives reduced, and begins to panic. Murdock's attempts to calm Banner down fail and he transforms into the Hulk. However, before the Hulk can cause any damage, Murdock is able to calm the beast down until the plane safely lands.

When Ross orders Matt to get out of the plane and let the military handle the problem the Hulk goes into a frenzy, believing that Murdock had lied to him. Smashing out of the plane the Hulk has the army and the Fantastic Four outside waiting to engage him.

This story is continued next issue...

Appearing in "The World, My Jury!"Edit

This story is a reprint of the comic
Incredible Hulk #153.

For a full synopsis, please see the comic linked in this message box. Any new or updated information can and should be added to this page. Otherwise, the majority of the information contained on this page is similar to that of the comic linked in this message box.

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Synopsis for "The World, My Jury!"Edit

This story is reprinted from Incredible Hulk #153.

Continued from last issue....

The Hulk begins rampaging across the landing strip at JFK International Airport. The Fantastic Four and a complement of military personnel try to contain him, but the Hulk easily tears through the army's tanks. The Thing grapples with the Hulk, but the green goliath reverses the hold and flips the Thing onto the asphalt. Civilians present at the scene begin scattering except for J. Jonah Jameson who barks orders at photographer Peter Parker to take pictures. Parker, however, feigns being sick, so that he can run off and change into his Spider-Man costume. Matt Murdock exits the plane that brought the Hulk to New York and secretly changes into Daredevil. As Daredevil rushes towards the Hulk, the Human Torch creates a blinding flash of light that temporarily distracts the Hulk long enough for the Thing to land a punch across his nose. Daredevil tries to intervene, but the Hulk grabs a hold of his billy club and slings Daredevil backward where he lands harshly on the wing of the airplane. As the Hulk turns to resume his fight with the Thing, Mister Fantastic brandishes a weapon called the "Nega-Gamma" and fires it into the Hulk. The excessive dose of concentrated Gamma radiation overwhelms the Hulk and he falls forward unconscious. The Hulk is then loaded into a triple-layered titanium steel containment pod designed by Tony Stark.

As days pass, Matt Murdock prepares his defense for the Hulk's trial. Unfortunately, he will be pleading the case against his old partner, now a district attorney, Franklin "Foggy" Nelson. Murdock confers with Reed Richards who tells him that he had hoped his Nega-Gamma gun might hold the key to curing the Hulk.

At the arraignment, Murdock argues that it is impossible for the Hulk to receive a fair trial and motions for dismal based upon the Hulk's obvious diminished mental capacity to stand trial. By law, the Hulk's presence is required in the courtroom, though he is bound and gagged with heavily fortified metallic bonds. The judge rejects Murdock's motion and proceeds with jury selection.

Reed Richards returns to the Baxter Building and continues studying the Nega-Gamma gun. He is desperate to save the life of the Hulk's alter ego, Bruce Banner, who in truth, is innocent of all the crimes perpetrated by the Hulk.

As the trial commences, Murdock calls the Avengers in to testify as character witnesses. The judge dismisses the relevance of their testimony, citing that Murdock is using their reputation and showy display of powers to prejudice the jury.

Reed arrives at the court and asks the judge for the opportunity to try his Nega-Gamma gun on the Hulk so that he can prompt the transformation back into Bruce Banner. The judge agrees and Richards activates the device. The tactic fails, however, and the only thing he succeeds in doing is making the Hulk stronger. The Hulk's anger intensifies until he is strong enough to break free of his bonds. He smashes through the courthouse walls to the outside and leaps away.

Continuity Notes

Planet Cho:

  • Reed Richards cites a number of rampages that the Hulk had gone on in the past. These are:
    • Hadleyville - One of the first cities damaged during the Hulk's rampage from New Jersey to New York City between Incredible Hulk #296-300. As Amadeus Cho later points out, the Hulk was being controlled by Nightmare at the time.
    • The towns of Stoneridge and Jericho were destroyed during a Hulk rampage during a period of time Bruce Banner was separated from the Hulk that lasted between Incredible Hulk #315-324.
    • Lastly, the Hulk's rampage through Las Vegas happened in Fantastic Four #533-535 was due to the Hulk being hit by a Hydra built Gamma Bomb.
  • This story has multiple references to the then current Superhero Civil War which occurred in Civil War #1-7. Particularly the death of Goliath at the hands of a clone of Thor created by Mr. Fantastic. That happened in Civil War #4.

Chronology Notes

Alliance, Part 1 A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:

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