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The Hulk (in his bandaged guise of Bob Danner) and his wife Betty are walking past a baseball field when a ball that was hit out of the park strikes the Hulk in the head. He tosses the ball back onto the field and the two begin talking about if they should stay in Sunville. The Hulk still thinks they need to go deeper into hiding until things blow over, but Betty points out that it would be more expensive to do so unless Bruce wants to start stealing what they needed. Bruce doesn't, and this leaves them on an impasse on the subject. They are interrupted by Niles Jacoby, the general manager of the Florida Pistols. He was impressed how "Bob" was able to throw the ball back into the stadium and asks to test the Hulk's throwing arm. At first, the Hulk isn't interested but that changes when he and Betty learn that he could earn a quarter million dollars playing for the team.

Later, at Max's garage, the Hulk tells his friend Max how he was able to get the job after pitching a 200 mile throw, something he had to slow otherwise he would have killed the catcher. When Max points out that this might compromise his anonymity, but the Hulk believes that things will eventually hit the fan anyway so he might as well get the money from this job. When asked how he can play with the bandages, Bruce points out that they have come up with a solution to the problem. After trying on his specially made uniform, the Hulk tries chewing tobacco thinking it's part of the game, but Betty thinks it's disgusting. Later, Niles Jacoby puts on a press conference announcing "Bob Danner" being added to the team. The reporters ask if he will be any match against Alex O'Hirn a player for the Miami Emperors. Jacoby believes that "Danner" will out-perform O'Hirn easily.

Meanwhile, Betty and Bruce come up with a solution to the bandage problem: using makeup to change Banner's skin tone. However, the Hulk is uneasy because Betty insists that they color his skin brown since it's easy to do than white. With his disguise complete, the Hulk then begins practicing with the Pistols. Although his teammates are a little nervous about how hard he can throw a pitch, but breath a sigh of relief when he is able to reign in his strength enough so as not to hurt someone. While in Miami, August Jacoby (Nile's brother) own of the Emperors reads the reports about Bob Danner and is furious. He calls in his star Alex O'Hirn and tells him to defeat Bob Danner. O'Hirn, secretly the criminal known as the Rhino, and unaware that he will be facing his old foe the Hulk, says he is more than happy to deal with "Danner".

"Bob Danner" is an instant star, winning games for the Pistols and earning a fan following. During a press conference with Niles about the upcoming match against the Emperors leads to harsh words between Nyles and his brother Augustus. During the match, a grudge begins to form between "Danner" and "O'Hirn". This powder keg finally explodes when the Hulk is hit by a pitch and is allowed to walk. When the next hit is a home run, "O'Hirn" is too rough with one of the other players leading to the two powerhouses to come to blows. A fight between both teams begins, but the other players flee the field when they see the strength levels between the two star players. The fight ultimately wrecks the entire field, but the Hulk wins. However, because of the damage done to the field, "Bob Danner" is fired from the team. Later, the Hulk laments about how their plan didn't work out, Betty tells Bruce to cheer up and then shows him some baseball cards that were designed by a fan.

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