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Appearing in "One Fell Off"Edit

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Synopsis for "One Fell Off"Edit

Banner, turned into the Savage Banner persona (Hulk's mind in Banner's body), is locked by Doc Samson in the same hospital where Betty Ross is fighting for her life. Mercy, an alien ghost who tries making people's dreams come true, tries to take Betty to heaven so Betty could be with her mother. When Betty sees Bruce, she decides to stay on Earth with the man she loves. Mercy heals Betty and helps the Savage Banner escape from the S.H.I.E.L.D. plane where he was then held, and taken to be executed. While the Savage Banner fell from the plane, he turned into the Professor (Merged) Hulk. The green behemoth found a hologram of Paris stating that the Hulk has been fired from the Pantheon, and will be searched and hunted by them.

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  • The mental patient who claims to have a power ring is clearly parodying the DC Comics character Green Lantern.

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