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Appearing in "Hel and Back"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


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Synopsis for "Hel and Back"Edit

Continued from last issue...

After being killed by the Hoarfen, Hulk and Agamemnon wake to find themselves in Hel. Hela appears and says that they cannot leave. Hulk promises Agamemnon that if he can lead them out of Hel, he will stop pursuing him. The make their way through the darkness only to be set upon by Hel and her legion of undead warriors. As Hulk battles the undead, Agamemnon pleads with Hela to let them go. That one day he will return to her. She relents and returns them to Earth.

Back on Asgard the Hoarfen turns its sights and attacks Siingard. Thor then retaliates and blasts the Hoarfen with his hammer. Two frost giants converge on Betty but Volstagg takes one out, while she shoots the other one. When Hulk and Agamemnon return, Hulk snaps the Hoarfen's jaw causing it to retreat.

Thor sends Hulk, Betty and the rest of the Pantheon back to Earth. And then turns his attention towards Siingard for the final battle.

On Earth, Agamemnon asks if Hulk will keep his word and let him go. Hulk says yes, but that he only promised he wouldn't stop him, but that the Pantheon is free to do as they please. Therefore Hector and Cassiopeia take Agamemnon into custody.

At the mount Ulysses is recovering from the previous attack at Fenway Park.

  • Inks (story pages): Rubinstein (spelled Rubenstein) pages 1-13, Fredericks (spelled Fredricks) pages 14-22.

  • No trivia.

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