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Quote1 Please... Don't let this happen... Please ... Give me a shred of happiness... Quote2
-- Bruce Banner

Appearing in "He's Back"Edit

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Synopsis for "He's Back"Edit

After his long odyssey to find Betty Ross, Bruce Banner finally makes it to Connecticut. He finds that Betty's address is at a convent. He tries to enter but the Mother Superior thinks he is another reporter harassing Betty and shuts the door in his face. Unphased, Bruce soon jumps the fence and enters the convent.

He enters the confessional and hides only to find Betty is a nun and entering to give her confession. In the darkness, Betty mistakes Bruce for the priest, Father Lowry, and tells how she is better giving her life to God and removing herself from the "monster" that has tormented her so much. Bruce becomes tearful and leaves knowing that Betty has made a conscious decision to distance herself from him and his deadly alter ego, the Hulk.

Saddened, Bruce is leaving the area, determined not to bother Betty any more. However, shortly thereafter Betty tells Mother Superior that she is leaving the convent. She loves a man more than she loves God. Later Bruce sees Betty leaving and seems to know that she wants to continue their relationship. He tracks Betty to the train station,. However, just as he is about to reach Betty, he is intercepted by Prometheus who has been tracking him for some time.

Prometheus attacks Banner with his specially equipped car. He quickly snares him in an unbreakable bag. Angered, the Green Hulk rips out of Banner (literally) and the Hulk is on a rampage. After a short battle, Prometheus jets away in his car. He tells his superiors that he was equipped to capture the Gray Hulk, but if they are to capture the green Hulk, more reinforcements will be necessary.

The Hulk reverts back to Banner, but Betty's train hs left the station. He bemoans to himself not to let this happen. Almost miraculously, Betty has got off the train and comes to Bruce. The two embrace as the story ends.

  • The letters page changes this issue from Gray Mail to Green Mail. Letters are published from A.J. Mickna, Randy Vanden Heugel, Rob "Radishes" Ramotar, Rudy Rankins, Michael Jacot, Mary and John McCool and David Gonzales.
  • This issue is reprinted in the trade paperback Incredible Hulk Visionaries: Peter David Volume 5

  • No trivia.

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