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Appearing in "Strange Matters"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Strange Matters"Edit

Hulk and Dr Strange are sucked into a black nether realm. The Hulk throws Strange to freedom but is caught by the dark creature. Before the Hulk is dragged away from the closet doorway forever, Namor grabs his hand and pulls him to safety. The Hulk shuts the door and discovers that Strange has disappeared. When the astral Strange returns to his home and body, he finds Namor and Banner waiting. Banner permits Strange to create a mystic pathway by which Banner can speak to the Hulk inside his mind. Banner urges the Hulk to help Strange and Namor, but the Hulk believes that Banner is just stalling to avoid seeing Betty again. Just then they notice a huge, golden door in their mind that was never there before. While they argue over who should open the door, a piece of the "strange matter" creature leaps out of Banner and grabs the Hulk. In the real world, Banner transforms into a horrible "strange matter" version of the Hulk that threatens to conquer the universe.

  • In this issue, Dr. Strange informs the Hulk and Sub-Mariner that the curse that the Defenders could never gather ever again was, in fact, a "cosmic hoax".
  • This issue contains a letters page, Gray Matter. Letters are published from Rusty Mead, Ryan A. Grant, Vincent Surace, Jr., Vaullgene Shepherd, David Powell, Freddy Thompson, SCott Tipton and Dave Smith.
  • This issue is reprinted in the trade paperback Incredible Hulk Visionaries: Peter David Volume 5

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