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Quote1 Be true to who you are, Dr. Banner -- as Ross was false to himself! Wear your uniform proudly! The uniform of the Incredible Hulk, which people everywhere have come to respect -- and honor, as the monster... who became a man! Quote2
-- Ann Nocenti

Appearing in "Old Soldiers Never Die"Edit

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Synopsis for "Old Soldiers Never Die"Edit

The Hulk visits the Park Avenue headquarters of Marvel Comics and visits assistant editor, Ann Nocenti. He is depressed over recent events concerning General Ross and seeks Ann’s advice. He wants to know whether he should expose Ross as a traitor or not. Ann speaks with him at length, and suggests to him that Ross' personal demons are probably the greatest punishment that could ever be visited upon him.

At the Pentagon, Ross sits in his office and contemplates his failings, both as a soldier and as a father. He recalls how ever since he was a child he wanted to serve his country. He enlisted in the military at eighteen and served in both World War II and Korea. After the war, he was promoted to the rank of General and given an office position in Washington. It was about this time that his wife Karen gave birth to their only child, Elizabeth. Although Ross wanted a son to carry on the family military tradition, he still loved his daughter very much.

It became particularly painful for him years later, when Betty found love in the arms of scientist Bruce Banner, a man whom Ross viewed as a "milksop". He was present the day that Banner was caught in the wake of a Gamma Bomb explosion – an incident that prompted him to turn into the incredible Hulk for the very first time.

For years, Ross hounded the Hulk and his crusade cost him a great deal. His military career dovetailed, and his daughter spurned his obsessive persecution of Banner. On several instances, Ross even engaged the Hulk directly, piloting advanced war machines specifically designed to incapacitate the green goliath.

When Banner assumed full control over the Hulk's physical form, Ross was skeptical. He didn't believe that the world could ever regard the Hulk as anything but a monster. To safeguard the country against future Hulk-related instances, Ross conspired with the villain M.O.D.O.K. to destroy the Hulk. By aiding M.O.D.O.K., Ross committed treason.

Now, Ross sits at his desk in a state of complete despair. Having dishonored his uniform, he places the barrel of his service revolver against his temple and prepares to commit suicide. Ross hesitates and eventually places the gun back onto his desk. He decides that he now has a new war to fight – his own conscience.

  • The origin of General Ross is revealed in this issue.

  • This issue is part of 1983's "Assistant Editor's Month". Ann Nocenti, assistant editor to Carl Potts, edits this issue and even makes a guest appearance in the comic itself.

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