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Bruce Banner (Earth-616)
You're going after them, now? Does that mean I'm not the enemy--that now we're on the same side?
Conversation Tail
Incredible Hulk Vol 1 286 page 02 Hero of the Day (Earth-8386)
Hero of the Day
King says who enemy is!
Conversation Tail
Bruce Banner (Earth-616)
Aren't you starting to wonder if maybe your king is wrong?
Conversation Tail

Appearing in "Hero"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • None


Other Characters:

  • Various denizens of the future




  • Futuristic war machines

Synopsis for "Hero"Edit

"The Hero", an armored soldier from the XLI Century, is sent to Bruce Banner laboratory by a Gamma ray. He starts shooting everywhere until Hulk knocks him out. When he awakes, he asks desperately for his helmet as he has to receive "war orders". He hits Bruce Banner apart and gets to his gun and helmet. Then, just when he shoots Banner, a Gamma ray hits the observatory and sends them both to the XLI century. Once there, they see a poster with a picture of the "Hero of the day". The Hero shouts "NO" several times. Bruce doesn't understand what happens until the soldier rips the poster. The poster underneath is a pic of the soldier. He was "The Hero" of the planet before he was sent to the past and has lost this "honor". Several soldiers appear with shouts of "Enemy". Bruce asks them "Who is the enemy?" and they ask him "It doesn't matter, War must go on" and shoot him. The Hero no longer shoots the Hulk as he sees he helps him and they begin to talk. Suddenly, everyone turns to fight Hulk until they capture him. They took him to the "king" who gives the orders trough their helmets. The kind results to be Kang. Kang continues saying "Attack the enemy! Destroy the enemy! Destroy! Destroy! Destroy!" who is now the Hulk. Hulk escapes and destroys Kang, which really was a machine that repeated one thing: "Destroy!". The commands to war stop. Then the Hero takes his helmet off and faces the rest of soldiers saying "No more King! No more battlestructs! Voice over! Voice gone!". But the rest of the soldiers shoot him as they don't know anything else but war. The Hero dies. Hulk returns to Earth the same way he got there with The Hero in his arms.

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