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Appearing in "Weirdsong of the Wen-Di-Go"Edit

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Synopsis for "Weirdsong of the Wen-Di-Go"Edit

Following his misadventures in space, the Hulk is returned to Earth. Landing in the middle of the wintery Canadian wilderness, he reverts back into Bruce Banner. Caught in the cold, he somehow recalls his adventures with Rocket Raccoon and is confused as to how he is able to recall the Hulk's memories so vividly when he has been unable to do so in the past. However, his thoughts of the past become a lesser concern as he needs to find a place to keep warm. Coincidentally, there is a cabin up ahead and he hopes that he can find food and warmth there. Elsewhere in the wilderness is Walter Langkowski, also known as the Sasquatch, he has been spending the evening following the trail of a Windego that attacked a camper. He recalls how those who commit the act of cannibalism in the north are cursed to become the Windego and of Alpha Flight's recent battle against the creature alongside Wolverine and Nightcrawler of the X-Men. He also recalls how the creature could not be stopped until the Shaman exercised the curse, and how the Hulk had battled the monster in the past. He hopes that he has the necessary strength to stop the creature before it gets a chance to kill again.

South of the border in New Mexico, Bereet has stabilized Rick Jones on her Life Support Spider after he has exposed himself to a lethal dose of gamma radiation in a misguided attempt to turn himself into a Hulk. Betty begs Bereet to help bring Rick to a doctor, but Bereet is reluctant to do so because it will interfere with her ability to make an impartial documentary.

Back in Canada, Bruce Banner arrives at the cabin and goes inside there he finds the skeletal remains of three men. Horrified by this sight, Banner tries to flee the scene and runs right into the Windego. As the creature attacks, Bruce wonders why he hasn't transformed into the Hulk. However, he is saved from sudden death by the Sasquatch, who tells the would-be-victim to flee until he recognizes him as Bruce Banner. The Wendigo gets the upper hand against Sasquatch as Banner struggles to try and change into the Hulk. Bruce realizes that after significant bombardments of gamma rays over the past few days, it has affected his transformations into the Hulk in some unseen way. After concentrating hard enough, Bruce transforms into the Hulk and is surprised to find that he is still in his right mind.

Sasquatch and the now intelligent Hulk begin piling on the Wendigo, Banner reveling in his strength and power. However, the Sasquatch points out that the Wendigo cannot defeat the creature without a mystic to exorcise that man possessed by the curse. He explains that they need to injure the Wendigo sufficiently enough to allow Sasquatch to get someone who can expel the curse. The Hulk finally relents, and the two sufficiently injure the beast with severed trees which they slam into the creature from both sides. In the aftermath of the battle, Banner finds the entire experience glorious and assures the Sasquatch that this is just the beginning.

Continuity Notes

  • This issue has multiple references of the events from Incredible Hulk #269-271, particularly the Hulk being exposed to multiple doses of gamma radiation.
  • Banner retains his intelligence in the body of the Hulk and can control his transformations starting this issue. This situation lasts until Incredible Hulk #296.

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